Who Would Want To Read Your Story?

Gorgeous BeachInner Crone

Prior to starting this blog, I wondered if coming up with content regularly would be a constant stumbling block.
I knew I wasn’t going to post just any humdrum material for the sake of consistency, and so far I have been pleasantly surprised how often and magically inspiration has flowed in my direction.
Most of the time, I get inspired with an idea and then just a few days later, the Universe confirms it by helping me cross paths with the same inspiration from a different source.
For example; this month I committed myself to a photo challenge to post a picture on Instagram each day using a certain prompt that was based on the theme of “September Celebration 2017“.
One of the most recent prompts was “My inner crone”. A crone is an elderly woman who is in a position to influence others and it the epitome of feminine wisdom.
I posted a picture of a painting I photographed recently at a local art school that was a black and grey silhouette of what appeared to be a naked, middle-aged woman (photo above).
The caption read:
“My inner crone knows that age is just a number. She is filled with memories and experiences that deserve a book. She looks at life with no regrets and looks forward at life knowing she has many more years to come. She loves the body that she was given to experience life in.
Age will not stop her from skinny dipping in Europe or bathing nude at the Korean Spa. Her spirit is that of a 21 year old, it forever lives on.”

That statement came from my heart and is exactly the woman I plan to embody when I come of age.
Prior to that, I was looking for a new notebook to draft my blog ideas and posts in. As a pen and paper junkie as well as a big fan of clean slates, I wanted a refresh.
I refuse to settle on just any old journal, it has to speak to me considering it’s where I pour my heart out and try to create something my soul sisters can relate to.
I went to two different stores, Paper Source and Barnes and Noble in search of my new blank book. It was the very last one I picked up that had a quote on it that I couldn’t resist but take with me. “Live the Story You Want to Tell”, a mentality I have lived by since I moved to Chicago at age 18. All I ever wanted to do from then on was have new experiences, big or small, and to document them in every way possible. Journaling, Blogging, Photos.
This desire (which I talk about in my very first blog post) stems from the feeling like I had missed out in my early years of life prior to adulthood.
Growing up, I had always felt out-of-place because where I lived and the people who surrounded me simply didn’t match my frequency or lifestyle preferences.
The Midwestern small town where I spent my young life was and is representative of comfort, settling, and mediocrity. All along, I had the burning desire for risk, memories, and living large in a place that lit my soul on fire.
While I don’t enjoy thinking about my past, it illuminates me to know that it was because of my past that my adult self refuses to settle.
My final burst of inspiration came to me this morning when I was listening to a 10 minute podcast with the title “Who Would Want to Read Your Biography?”. And the content was just that…When you look back at your lifetime, or even just the past couple of years, would anyone be interested in reading about your life?
If the answer is no, you will most likely look back and wish you had done everything differently.
-Do you want to experience entrepreneurship but your current “career” is too high paying or comfortable to let it go?

-Do you desire to travel but instead save every penny because you’re afraid of going broke?

-Do you have so much to say, but keep to yourself for the “benefit” of keeping the peace or not making someone else uncomfortable?

-Do you want to experience being a nomad, but doubt your ability to live a non-traditional existence?

I’ll tell you one thing, I personally refuse to be ordinary. I refuse to be boring or bored.
I think that’s why I have always had an obsession with documenting. I love looking back at my past, re-living amazing memories, and sharing experiences with the rest of the world.
Each and every day off I have, I make an effort to create a new memory of some sort, even if that means watching the sunset on a new beach or checking out a new coffee shop that will most likely become my new go-to.
To me, there’s no better feeling than saying “I’ve been there before!”.
I’m definitely not a “Netflix and Chill” kind of person, there’s simply too much life to be lived.
I want to live, not just exist in this lifetime, and I encourage you to do the same.
Here’s what my autobiography/story will look like when I look back one day:
❤ Traveled most of the world
❤ Lived with a tribe
❤ Took tons of fashion risks
❤ Skinny dipped a lot
❤ Met thousands of people
❤ Lived like a true, modern day hippie
❤ Never lived in one place more than a few year
❤ Lived a life of meditation and spirituality
❤ Was a vegan foodie
❤ Expressed herself through art
❤ Went to as many festivals, retreats, and conferences as possible
and SO much more.

That being said, I would like to leave you with one thought, a quote I adore:

“Feel the fear and do it anyway, because even though today it’s not too late, someday it will be.”


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