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Gifts and Authentic Style

If you’ve ever read the The Five Love Languages , you know that Receiving Gifts is one of the languages.
While it is not my love language, it is one of the two that I give the most. The other is quality time.
This is one of the several reasons I adore the holidays so much. Holiday shopping.
Seeing other people light up is one of the most incredible feelings of the human experience, especially when a person knows that you thought of them in particular.
Occasionally I will have the perfect idea for a gift for someone, but majority of the time I just go to local boutiques and farmers and flea markets to see what speaks to me. It’s exciting! It’s something that brings me an enormous amount of pleasure; gift giving and supporting small/local businesses.
This past Sunday, I did the majority of my holiday shopping and before starting, I stopped at The Butcher’s Daughter (a vegetarian restaurant) near me for a lavender mocha to get my spirits high.
There was a long line and while waiting on the barista, I couldn’t help but look around and observe the amazing fashion choices of the people around me. Reason number 184847 that I love LA.
The Butcher’s Daughter is located on Abbott Kinney, known as the “coolest block in America”. Although I have been there numerous times, I now understand why it has that reputation.
Growing up in the Midwest, I didn’t really have a chance to explore and understand fashion. I thought I did at the time, but my definition of fashionable was wearing a velvet hoodie from the latest name brand paired with skinny jeans and fuzzy winter boots (a memory I don’t like to look back on).
It wasn’t until I moved to Chicago in 2010 where I gained my appreciation for vintage clothes and decor and then LA in 2014 where I gained my appreciation for authentic style.
People here know how to put together a look authentic to them from Bohemian to Boss Babe to Bad Bitch. I love it.
When I finally made my way to the Melrose Trading Post where I began my search for gifts, I noticed the same thing.
It’s my personal opinion, that wearing designer outfits from head to toe is the easy way out. While there is nothing wrong with loving the designer pieces that you’ve worked so hard for, there is something so sexy about not knowing where somebody purchased their clothes or who/what the inspiration was to style them that way.
In fact, usually when I ask people where they bought something, they say “a thrift store”, or “a local boutique in (insert destination here”).
I asked a couple of the gals I was waiting in line with where they got their rings and one said “a cruise ship” the other said “Etsy”. It seems as though looking for individual pieces from local designers is the new cool thing to do. Or maybe I’m just the anomaly, who knows.
Here are some of the things I noticed people wearing as I was people watching:
-Perfectly Fitting Jeans
-Beautiful Graphic T Shirts
-Dainty Stacking Rings and Bracelets
-Very Detailed Patterned Leggings
-Dark Sunglasses
-Hair looking like they just came out of Dry Bar
LeotardPrinted PantsDainty JewelryI can't adult todayDark SunglassesDainty Rings

I’ve always had a deep appreciation for people who take pride in their appearances. It displays confidence and self-worth. Two very honorable qualities.
It may sound dramatic but I’m being totally real, I got such a dopamine rush from observing so many women’s style choices.
It also makes me very intrigued about fashions around the world. Now, I’m sure I will have a hyper awareness towards dress-style patterns as I travel more and more. Being able to recognize this was a great gift in and of itself.

Now I want to turn it over to you ❤

Have you ever had a similar experience of noticing styles of the locals?

Do you have any recommendations of places to travel to where people have great fashion?

Let me know babe, I want to hear from YOU!



Disclaimer: None of the photos in this post are taken by me

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Regret Minimalization

FeathersJungleNorth Stars
Ever since I was a kid, I have struggled to make decisions.
Still to this day, I am reminded that I was the six year old who would stand at the bakery for 20 minutes debating about whether I wanted a chocolate or glazed donut.
I am also not a fan of pros and cons lists. That’s because regardless of which list ends up being longer, there are some factors that hold higher importance than others.
For example, if you’re trying to decide where to go on vacation and the pros are; good food, low prices, and friendly locals and the one con is that the week you plan to go has a high chance of storms for days, that will most likely outweigh all of the positives.

The reason decisions are a challenge for me is because I am very affected by regret.
Although there are very few things I regret in life, things I do end up regretting take a while for me to get over.

Not long ago, I was listening to a podcast that really struck a chord with me and I plan to use this strategy from now on whether decisions are big or small.

The term is called Regret Minimalization.
The truth is that no matter what, there is almost always going to be a drawback to a decision.
Whether that’s expenses, weather, living conditions, people, language barrier, distance, very few times in life is a situation perfect.
What’s amazing though is that often times when we make the right decision, everything feels like paradise so the shortcomings don’t weigh us down. They’re there, but not in a way where we constantly have them on our minds. Life is beautiful that way!

It’s as straightforward as it sounds and relies heavily on intuition. What is something you’re currently going back and forth in your mind about?

-Relocating to another state?
-Taking a hiatus to see other parts of the world?
-Selling everything you have and downsizing to a motorhome?
-Investing thousands into that course that your soul has been calling for forever now?

The list could go on forever, but the debate in your mind can’t.

So next time you are pondering a decision, ask yourself. Which choice am I least likely to regret? It may not come easy, but it will feel peaceful.

I encourage you not to overthink the decision, however it’s more than ok if you need to write down your thoughts and the possible regrets you may have.

Something I have been pondering lately is whether or not I want to leave the United States and experience life in an unfamiliar territory for a while. I imagine myself living in the Jungle near a beach.

Waking up in the mornings to see gratitude offerings of plants, fruits, and vegetables on peoples doorsteps instead of people rushing out the door and pressuring the barista to make their drink as quickly as possible so they are not late to work.

I picture being of service, like helping other women find their true callings, teaching English to those who want to learn, or working on a ranch with sweet animals. I could spend hours in cafes and coffee shops people watching and observing the culture; at the end of my days, my ❤ would be so full.

The second thing I have been pondering is whether or not to hire a life/business coach. I have so many ideas and while I am pursuing them through my blog and art, there is something I don’t know yet that only a coach could teach me. I know that if I want big results, I need to make big changes and take big risks, but the huge financial investment intimidates me.

I didn’t ask to be this way and by way I mean a gypsy soul with a higher calling that involves the road less traveled. It’s more challenging and less secure, nobody wants that.

I could wait a few years before diving right into the unknown and have much more in the bank.
However, if in a year from now I don’t want to be feeling the same dissatisfaction that I feel today, that in itself would be a regret. My heart desires change now and I’m not going to live forever.

Blindly, these two decisions feel incredibly difficult, but when I think of them in terms of regret minimization, the answer is crystal clear.

Why do I tell you this? Because whatever it is that your heart desires and your soul is calling for, you didn’t ask for either.

It’s in you DNA, it’s part of your existence, therefore there is no reason to feel guilty or question if there is something off about you.
It just is, you just are.

With that, I encourage you to block out time for yourself and to find a serene, sacred space to do some soul searching.
Make sure you are not pressed for time or around anyone who will influence your decision.
Be clear on exactly what options you have, ask yourself; Which decision will give me the least amount of regret? Then let your intuition do the rest and your answer will come. And so it is…<3


Design a Life of “I Get To”

Latte ArtDrinking RoseWhat you do today is important

Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I’m all about being real.
Not only in the context of always being myself and wanting you to be yourself, but also accepting what is even if a situation is flat out crummy.
Although I am an optimist and do support being positive in the midst of unfavorable circumstances, I don’t think it’s beneficial to look for the bright side in every single situation; as that’s what I call false optimism. If a situation sucks, it’s ok to say “This downright sucks!”, why pretend?
Hear me out….
Lately I’ve been ruminating on the subject of “I have to vs. I get to”.
It has come up numerous times in the past several months and a couple of weeks ago, a conversation lead me to seeing this phrase in a more ideal light.
Most of the time when I have heard this, it’s been in the context of work life.
Without thinking about it, most people say “I have to go to work”, especially when expressing dissatisfaction in a career.
Some believe that others would benefit from a change in vocabulary and instead say “I get to go to work” because although he or she may not enjoy his or her position, it is paying for everything that person has. Simply put, an attitude of gratitude.
While it is true to some degree that changing your vocabulary can shift your mindset and make a condition more endurable, we can only trick our minds so much before it wears off. In my experience, this approach is not effective over the long term. Other common examples are:
-“I have to get a workout in”
-“I have to eat healthy”
-“I have to have my coffee to function”
-“I have to meet my friend after work” (because there’s no other good time).

What if instead of modifying our minds, we actually designed a life where we could say “I get to” and mean it? How life changing would it be to not feel the mental weight of “having” to do something but instead choosing to do something. Having a lifestyle of options…
Well here’s the undisclosed…the only way to live a life of “I get to” is to have more time.
In my opinion, waking up to an alarm clock five days per week with barely enough time to enjoy your morning coffee just to go somewhere for minimum 8 hours plus a commute leaving barely enough time for a workout, dinner, and possibly an hour of free time sounds like a drag. And for nothing but a pay check?
Life is the most precious gift anyone could ever have and spending it in monotony for decades sounds like a complete misuse and lack of acknowledgement.

Believe it or not, when you choose to do something, your body responds to it in a whole different way than when you are doing something because it’s the only option you have.

Most people with 9-5s work out in the very early morning or right after work because it is the only option they have other than skipping it all together.
While I give those people props, those workouts are not nearly as powerful as when you are not on a time limit.
Think about it…When you’re working out in the early morning you are under pressure to get everything plus a shower in because you don’t want to be late to your job. You are also not fully present because you have to be conscious of time…Well guess what, your body recognizes this.
When you work out in the evenings, you’re using what little glycogen and energy you have left from the day to squeeze in a workout. Because of this, we tend not to push ourselves as hard as we would have if we weren’t burned out from the day. Well guess what, your body recognizes this too!
All of these factors contribute to your stress levels, hormone levels, dopamine levels, etc…This applies to so many things, not just working out.

Imagine a life of listening to your body and intuition.
Waking up to the sun on your face instead of before the sun rises because you’re getting the rest your body wants and your soul deserves.
Savoring every bit of that espresso and having the time to make yourself a cold pressed juice to go along.
Being mentally prepared to hit the gym or that beach yoga class because you’re a boss babe and you want to. And finishing strong because you CAN!
Spending most days in bliss because you have work-life integration and are helping other beauties find their callings.
But at the same time, being able to cry for as long as you need on certain days because you don’t have to put on a show for an office full of people and respond with “good and yours?” when they ask how your day is going.
Being able to schedule an out-of-the-blue spa day with your girlfriends because you GET to, not because you requested it two weeks in advance.
Staying up past midnight watching your favorite show because you’re on YOUR time and don’t have to worry about waking up at a specific hour just to make someone else a little richer.

This is what we all desire and no it’s not just for trophy wives and girls with rich parents. It’s possible, it’s within you, and it’s sure not going to happen working a 9-5 for the next forty years.

With that, I encourage you to step into yourself. What calls you, what sets YOUR soul on fire? Whatever it is, that’s what you’re meant to be doing and that’s how you will create a life of “I get to”.

We’re all called to different paths, therefore I can’t tell you exactly the steps needed to pursue this vision, but what I can tell you is to take the first step and let the universe know you’re ready. The time is now. You’re a Boss Girl, you deserve it, and it’s all within you.


Are You Building Your Empire?

Chiara and IHell YesElena Cardone
I’ve heard it at least 3x in a matter of five days…once after I was fatefully invited to a very intimate gathering at the W Hotel in LA to hear a beautiful self-made boss babe Chiara Mazzucco speak about designing and manifesting your ideal future.
The second and third time I heard in the very place I am sitting right now as I write this at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas for Cole Hatter’s Thrive: Make Money Matter event that I’ve been looking forward to for months now.
Let me give you a little bit of perspective on where I stand when it comes to the people I associate and collaborate with…
Every single social event I attend is consciously and intentionally thought out before I make a decision. It may only take a matter of 10 seconds to decide, but that’s because I am very aware of what my ethics are and if it doesn’t allign with them, it’s an automatic no-go.
Marie Forleo has a quote that lights my soul on fire: “If it’s not a ‘Hell Yes’, its a ‘No'”. I live that phrase out on a daily basis.
Right now, I do currently have a 9-5 position; and while I’m grateful to have a consistent income, it’s truthfully nothing more than my temporary angel investor.
Because that is the case, I choose not to attend any of the office Happy Hours or become friends outside of the workplace with my colleagues.
Why? Because they don’t have the same values or ethics that I do, so why would I misuse time I can never get back on something that gives me no ROI? This says nothing about my co-workers other than that they are simply not my people and that is more than ok. It probably means I am not the one for them either.
During Chiara’s very powerful speech, she mentioned a perspective on Happy Hours that I had never thought of before…If you think deeply enough, why do we have them and what happens during them?
We have them because our work is stressful, hours are long, and clients/customers are difficult. Therefore we resort to adult beverages in attempts to get a buzz and temporarily forget about work.
Now what usually happens during Happy Hour?
We complain, we make light of aggravating customer situations, and we partake in what often turns in to binge drinking which is not a healthy choice for your body. And if you think deeper, what are we really doing?…Giving each other permission to think small, or in Chiara’s words “Reducing one another to smallness”. There’s nothing positive or beneficial about complaining while trying to drink our problems away. How does that move anyone forward?
That brings me to the absolutely fierce, badass, incredible Elena Cardone . Her message and demeanor have empowered me like no other woman has before. No lie, if someone wants to give me lessons on how to be just like her, I will take you up on that offer.
At Thrive, each speaker had his or her own subject to talk about; Elena’s topic was “Empire”. The very first words that she spoke after walking on stage were “You’re either building your empire, or you’re destroying it”.
Most people don’t even realize they have an empire, but the reality is, we all do. You get to decide what it is and what you stand for.
❤ Your Family
❤ Your Personal Brand
❤ Your Business
❤ Your Career
❤ You Dream Life
❤ Your Tribe
❤ Your Home
It's your empire, so let that sink in, goddess…With every decision you make, you are either contributing to it, or taking away from it.
I always like to use myself as an example. My empire is my personal brand.
While I am in the self-help industry, my desire is to be up on stage at Thrive someday and to have my own version of Lori Harder’s The Bliss Project.
I want to personally coach women to be the absolute most authentic versions of themselves, and to have a podcast.
It’s going to happen, it’s already happening, but only if I continue to make decisions that will build and make it stronger. A Happy Hour is not included in that.
Why? For several reasons:

1. If I were to go, I would’t be surrounded by my tribe. My bliss sisters, others in the self-thrive world, the women I know from goddess circles, my best friends who support my business and hold me accountable, and the people I meet at my regular yoga classes.

2. When you say yes to one thing, you say no to another. One thing I can say I am really proud of is the fact that I make very wise use of my time. (Today is Saturday, my only day off and instead of sleeping in or having a lazy day, I am writing for my blog, my empire) The same goes for after work, I don’t watch TV until 10 pm or spend the night out partying, or in bed scrolling through IG. I work on what is important to me. If I said yes to Happy Hour, I would be saying no to my dreams.

3. Finally (although there are a million more reasons) it would give me no return on investment. Sure, maybe drinks would give temporary pleasure, but after the buzz fades, what would I be left with? It may only be one blog post, one chapter in my book, one accountability phone call with my mastermind group, but at least it would be something tangible that I created. Something that I can say I learned from that will build my brand, my dream, my future.

Now don’t take this to the extreme, I am by no means saying that going out for the occasional cocktail is something to avoid. We all deserve to let loose and do mindless and fun things once in a while. The way life works is that we take one step back for every couple of steps forward.
I mean, what is the point of building your empire if you don’t get to reap any rewards or take a break from the hustle?
But, I encourage you to choose with consciousness and not say yes to opportunities that will later mean nothing to you.
Before you say yes, consider the essentials:
1. Who will I be spending the next couple of hours with and what role does he/she play in my life?
2. Will I be saying “no” to something that means a lot to me?
3. What will the ROI be and is it worthwhile?

If when you answer these questions, you come to the conclusion that you are attending or participating in something “just because”, what you’re really doing is reducing yourself to smallness. You’re worth more than that darling.

That being said, give yourself the gift of deciding what your empire is and really owning it. It can be anything authentic to you that makes you happy, there is no right or wrong answer. Consider your empire each and every time you are given an opportunity; will you be building it or destroying it? Acknowledging and remembering that time is the most important thing in the world and something you can never get back therefore, “If it’s not a ‘Hell YES’ it’s a ‘no'”.



Chiara Mazzucco

Check out this beauty at Bold Self


Focus on the Reward <3

My faceMetallic NailsGretchen Rubin

If there’s one mentality I’ve adopted from my just over 2 1/2 year obsession with the self-help, or what I call self-thrive industry, it’s that just because something is widely accepted by the masses doesn’t make it the “right” or only answer. Nor does it make it something you personally need to feel obligated to utilize in your own life.
One public figure in the self-thrive industry that I look up to tremendously is the ever-so-polarizing Tai Lopez. Best known for his YouTube video Here in My Garage as well as his “one book a day” practice, a life tip that he swears by; if you get past his overly-confident demeanor and candid explanations, his content is exceedingly life changing.
My favorite thing about his personal image is his ability and eagerness to challenge ideas, concepts, and practices that are well-known to society.
Whether the person stating the “fact” is a highly respected, world renowned doctor, or the phrase is one that has been repeated by generations, his rebellious nature just can’t help but confront the “fact” and find out what the reality is. Or at least find out whether or not there is another perspective that is also “right”.
That being said, “No Pain, No Gain”…an entirely off-putting phrase that we’ve all heard our entire lives.
Most likely from an authoritative figure such as a parent, teacher, or manager trying to convince us to do something we were disinterested in, or to possibly help us see the benefit of something we previously viewed as pointless.
That’s just it, “see the benefit”.
Recently Tai had a podcast episode that really resonated with me. He talked about how instead of focusing on the challenge of something, whether it be:
*losing weight
*starting a new business
*saving money for travel
*writing a book
or anything that requires time and effort, what if we focused on the reward/benefit?
Wouldn’t that make the entire process so much more exciting and memorable?
The majority of life is spent waiting.
-waiting in lines
-waiting for phone calls
-waiting for a package to come in the mail
-waiting on someones decision
-waiting for your food to be ready
That means if we don’t find a way to enjoy the process, we’re squandering our life away doing nothing but waiting and anticipating. Is that any way to live?
How can we make the process pleasurable if we associate it with “pain”?
In one of my favorite books of all time, Better than Before, Gretchen Rubin talks about how we all fall under a certain Tendency.
Depending on your Tendency, you will to take different approaches if you want to build habits. The name of my Tendency is “Questioner”.
This means no matter what habit I’m trying to build or expectation I’m trying to meet, I’m going to question that validity of it.
If it makes sense to me and I deem it worthwhile, that’s the only way I’m going to followthrough and stay committed to something.
Although not everyone fits the description/category of questioner, here is something I want to encourage within you…
Next time you want to do something big, that’s going to take a lot of work consider why you are doing it in the first place and what amazing thing is going to come once you attain your aspiration.
❤ Will you finally get a chance with someone who may not be attracted to you right now?

❤ Will you finally be able to take that three month hiatus to Bora Bora that you've been dreaming about for 2 years now?

❤ Will you be able to wear a bikini and feel sexy again for the first time in 10 years?

❤ Will you be able to leave your day job and work from anywhere in the world?

❤ Will you be able to finally be reaching millions of people spreading your light and message globally?

Whatever it is, focus on what's to come, and see how much further and quicker it takes you to your destination. "No Pain, No Gain" is old news. This time, try "No Reward, No Results and let me know how it works out for you.




Who Would Want To Read Your Story?

Gorgeous BeachInner Crone

Prior to starting this blog, I wondered if coming up with content regularly would be a constant stumbling block.
I knew I wasn’t going to post just any humdrum material for the sake of consistency, and so far I have been pleasantly surprised how often and magically inspiration has flowed in my direction.
Most of the time, I get inspired with an idea and then just a few days later, the Universe confirms it by helping me cross paths with the same inspiration from a different source.
For example; this month I committed myself to a photo challenge to post a picture on Instagram each day using a certain prompt that was based on the theme of “September Celebration 2017“.
One of the most recent prompts was “My inner crone”. A crone is an elderly woman who is in a position to influence others and it the epitome of feminine wisdom.
I posted a picture of a painting I photographed recently at a local art school that was a black and grey silhouette of what appeared to be a naked, middle-aged woman (photo above).
The caption read:
“My inner crone knows that age is just a number. She is filled with memories and experiences that deserve a book. She looks at life with no regrets and looks forward at life knowing she has many more years to come. She loves the body that she was given to experience life in.
Age will not stop her from skinny dipping in Europe or bathing nude at the Korean Spa. Her spirit is that of a 21 year old, it forever lives on.”

That statement came from my heart and is exactly the woman I plan to embody when I come of age.
Prior to that, I was looking for a new notebook to draft my blog ideas and posts in. As a pen and paper junkie as well as a big fan of clean slates, I wanted a refresh.
I refuse to settle on just any old journal, it has to speak to me considering it’s where I pour my heart out and try to create something my soul sisters can relate to.
I went to two different stores, Paper Source and Barnes and Noble in search of my new blank book. It was the very last one I picked up that had a quote on it that I couldn’t resist but take with me. “Live the Story You Want to Tell”, a mentality I have lived by since I moved to Chicago at age 18. All I ever wanted to do from then on was have new experiences, big or small, and to document them in every way possible. Journaling, Blogging, Photos.
This desire (which I talk about in my very first blog post) stems from the feeling like I had missed out in my early years of life prior to adulthood.
Growing up, I had always felt out-of-place because where I lived and the people who surrounded me simply didn’t match my frequency or lifestyle preferences.
The Midwestern small town where I spent my young life was and is representative of comfort, settling, and mediocrity. All along, I had the burning desire for risk, memories, and living large in a place that lit my soul on fire.
While I don’t enjoy thinking about my past, it illuminates me to know that it was because of my past that my adult self refuses to settle.
My final burst of inspiration came to me this morning when I was listening to a 10 minute podcast with the title “Who Would Want to Read Your Biography?”. And the content was just that…When you look back at your lifetime, or even just the past couple of years, would anyone be interested in reading about your life?
If the answer is no, you will most likely look back and wish you had done everything differently.
-Do you want to experience entrepreneurship but your current “career” is too high paying or comfortable to let it go?

-Do you desire to travel but instead save every penny because you’re afraid of going broke?

-Do you have so much to say, but keep to yourself for the “benefit” of keeping the peace or not making someone else uncomfortable?

-Do you want to experience being a nomad, but doubt your ability to live a non-traditional existence?

I’ll tell you one thing, I personally refuse to be ordinary. I refuse to be boring or bored.
I think that’s why I have always had an obsession with documenting. I love looking back at my past, re-living amazing memories, and sharing experiences with the rest of the world.
Each and every day off I have, I make an effort to create a new memory of some sort, even if that means watching the sunset on a new beach or checking out a new coffee shop that will most likely become my new go-to.
To me, there’s no better feeling than saying “I’ve been there before!”.
I’m definitely not a “Netflix and Chill” kind of person, there’s simply too much life to be lived.
I want to live, not just exist in this lifetime, and I encourage you to do the same.
Here’s what my autobiography/story will look like when I look back one day:
❤ Traveled most of the world
❤ Lived with a tribe
❤ Took tons of fashion risks
❤ Skinny dipped a lot
❤ Met thousands of people
❤ Lived like a true, modern day hippie
❤ Never lived in one place more than a few year
❤ Lived a life of meditation and spirituality
❤ Was a vegan foodie
❤ Expressed herself through art
❤ Went to as many festivals, retreats, and conferences as possible
and SO much more.

That being said, I would like to leave you with one thought, a quote I adore:

“Feel the fear and do it anyway, because even though today it’s not too late, someday it will be.”


A Day in My Life · Lifestyle

My Inner Dilemma: Different Sides of Me

Inner Cool GirlBeach Babe

One thing I can say about myself that I mean from the bottom of my heart is that I am entirely authentic and always have been.
When I get ready in the mornings and put full effort into my appearance (which is an every day occurrence) I am doing it for me and only me, not to impress or fit in with anyone else.
It has always come naturally to me to do so, even dating back to my tween days when I would find my way around the school dress code and my peers would comment on my overly edgy way of dressing. I never thought twice about it and continued doing it.
In fact, at 13 years old, I was convinced I would be a singer someday, and a 20 year old I knew at the time once said to me; “Your first album should be called ‘Nothing to Hide'”.
For as long as I can remember, I have always been one to dive into the deep end when it came to my interests in attempts to create something amazing. I have also wanted to make the most of every single moment and turn everything I possibly can into a memory. My point is; the authentic part I’ve got down. I love myself.
However, there is one part of authenticity that I am currently questioning in my mind, and I am curious as to whether or not there are others who share the same wonder.
Although I can’t come up with a name for my style (lifestyle and dress style), there are certain things I know about myself…

❤ I never go a day without wearing a ton of rings, there are some that I never take off (it has been that way since I was 12)

❤ I only feel my best if I am fully done up (hair, makeup, and nails)

❤ I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being outside

❤ I can't go more than a couple of days without creating something…writing, painting, drawing, lettering, jewelry making

❤ I'm 100% meant to be self-employed

❤ animals must be a part of my life

❤ New experiences are what I live for (coffee shops, cafes + restaurants, hikes, beaches, boutiques, destinations)

At the current phase in my life, my main source of income does not allow me to be my most authentic self. Not only does it take up a ton of hours that I could be using to pursue my calling, but also:

-Does not allow ink or facial piercings
-Has a rigid dress code
and most importantly
-Does not align with my values of creativity, pleasure, self-respect, or really anything to be honest.

But the good news is, I am slowly transitioning into being self-employed and my dream with a deadline is only about a year and a half away. It's currently just my means to an end, therefore it is endurable.

When the day comes that I am free to be whoever I want to be and my "work from anywhere" lifestyle begins, there are a few different paths I could take, and I don't know which one.

The non-negotiables that I mentioned above are some aspects of me that are never going to change regardless of the style/lifestyle I choose to take. My inner dilemma is that there are multiple sides to me and I ruminate about what it would take to merge all of them while still being authentically me.

Let me tell you a little bit about each side that is within me and the lifestyles I would live.

Moon on ForeheadHenna and RingsPhases of Moon on Forehead

I would live a very laid back and minimalistic lifestyle. I already do so to some degree, but this would be on a much larger scale. I wouldn’t have a permanent home, but would couch surf, acknowledging my wanderlust, and live wherever I wanted for short periods of time.
-Tampa, FL
meeting as many people as I could and documenting their stories. It would be my dream to have a Volkswagen bus to gallivant around the country until I was ready to explore my next destination in another part of the world.
Every day I would wear whatever I wanted.
❤ Flash Tattoos
❤ Flower Crowns
❤ Tons of Gold Jewelry
❤ Hair Extensions, Partial Dreads, Tousled Hair
I would have my septum pierced along with the right nostril piercing that I already have and both tragus' would be pierced.
I would get new ink as the ideas came to me without looking back.
My income would come from several different places.
…Content creating in coffee shops (Do you like the alliteration), selling art and jewelry at farmers markets and online, guest writing for any brand that aligns with my values.
I wouldn't do anything that my heart didn't desire.
I would regularly attend yoga sessions and women circles.
I would make it a yearly occurrence to attend festivals like Coachella and Burning Man.
I would feel no guilt over any purchase that brought me tremendous joy.
-Event tickets
-Clothes I love
-Sentimental Jewelry
-Cute drinkware
I would spend my days off writing in creative spaces or painting by places such as the Smith River
I could live this way for the rest of my life and be the happiest girl on earth.

Rita OraSophisticated Cool Girl
This side of me would live a little more traditionally. Thriving in a big city such as New York’s Upper East Side or Chicago’s Lincoln Park/Lakeview neighborhood (which I’ve already done) the city’s hotspots would be my everything.
I would dress trendy and elegantly, perfectly accessorized with my hair looking like I went to DryBar every day.
I would be friends with all of the locals, know all of the best boutiques for home decor and clothes, and always make time for spa days and self-love.
My work would consist of writing for blogs, teaching yoga, and life coaching. My leisure time would be spent at museums, concerts, and city events. I would have it all together, and be living it and loving it.

CharityWarrior YogaShelby
This side of me is definitely the most different from how I live today, but she is on the inside just waiting to come out. Actually, this side of me was inspired by two Instagram personalities I adore and follow very closely, the two babes in these photos charity.grace and shelby.sheene.
Although I eat a very conscious and healthy, mostly vegan diet, the one thing that is missing is the being active part.
With the exception of yoga, I have never been consistent about moving my body, mainly because I haven’t found a strength training or cardio of choice that makes me come alive. But these two beauties have beyond inspired me and I am determined.
I already wear yoga pants on a daily basis and would love to find a way to style active wear to still look sexy and elegantly beautiful.
I would continue to be myself by still wearing full makeup and wearing my hair down and flow during workouts. It would become my way of life and I would definitely post regular videos of any fun workouts I do.
-American Ninja Warrior Competitions
-Bikini Competitions
-5ks, 8ks, 10ks
-Yoga Sessions
You name it, I would be in it, and no one would ever want to mess with me.
I’m in the process of guiding this side of me to come out.

Although I’m not sure whether or not there are more sides to me, these three are the most prominent and the three that I want to pursue most. If I were to be my ideal most authentic self, I would be a blend of all three.
I just need the secret to how. If you have any ideas, pretty please share.