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Boss Girl of the Week: Alina Dhalla

Alina and LuckyAlina and EarlAlina and Ferdinand

Name: Alina Dhalla

Age: 16

Location: Lancaster, CA

Occupation: Animal Rights Activist & Gentle Barn Volunteer

IG: alinarescues_

Have you ever met someone and known right away that they’re going to change the world? Have you ever met someone and known that you just had to stay in touch because you wanted to see where life would take them; so you made sure to follow them on Social Media? This was exactly what happened just two short months ago when I met Alina Dhalla at The Gentle Barn; a sanctuary in Santa Clarita, CA that rescues farm animals from lives of abuse and saves many animals from slaughter.
While most teenagers spend their weekends with friends and looking for ways to sneak into the trendiest party in town, Alina spends every weekend volunteering between two different sanctuaries, facilitating rescues, and attending Pig Save Vigils at local slaughterhouses.
At just 16 years old she has rescued a chicken, a pig, and two sheep from slaughter, has made the choice to be vegan, and is constantly educating herself by going to auctions in attempts to learn more about saving animals and educating people on veganism.
As if that is not impressive enough, she has an expansive vocabulary and an ability to connect with all different kinds of people. When confronted with incorrect information such as when someone at GB made a comment about the Emu named Earl that she works with not being friendly; she has a mature and kind way of responding so that people understand the truth and can change their perspectives.

How did you get started volunteering at The Gentle Barn and working with Earl?
AD: I just got picked randomly after I put in an application. At first he was very intimidating, scary and snappy. He was aggressive and defensive but he’s really impacted my life.

Did you get trained?
AD: I didn’t get trained, I just had to learn.

Did you know anything about Emus before?
AD: Nope, but I learned about their anatomy and being used for different products like emu oil. I also found that they are very loving and compassionate.

Would you say an emu is your favorite animal?
AD: Yes, I would.

What was your first rescue story?
AD: It was Lucky, that’s how I got to know about Saving Grace Sanctuary. If I wasn’t there he would’ve been slaughtered, he was next. It was an open slaughterhouse, I took a screen shot of it and said “Mom, let’s go there”. I negotiated with them and said “Can you spare just one chicken?”

What was it like the first time you went to an auction?
AD: All they saw were dollar signs, all they saw was money. I don’t believe in paying for animals.

How long have you been vegan?
AD: Four months

How did you become an animal lover?
AD: It started out with a cat that kept stopping by our house. He was skin and bones and my mom said “Don’t start feeding it, it’ll come back every day”. I didn’t care, I was thinking about his condition. She was right, he did come back every day. I feel honored, instead of us adopting him, he adopted us. He’s impacted us. I would sit on the swing and he would cuddle, I felt like I had to return the favor.

Do you still have him?
AD: Yes, his name is Casper.

What has been the most challenging part of all of this?
AD: When I go to school, friends that don’t want to be friends anymore. I had a teacher who knows I’m vegan who explained to the whole class why vegan is the wrong diet. When I see people on social media eating burgers.

How do you respond?
AD: I try to write back saying my heart hurts, I don’t want to fight back.

How do you educate people who think animals are aggressive?
AD: I try to inform them that it depends on the way you treat the animal. It’s a defense mechanism; if they feel attacked and not safe, they try to tell you. But they love unconditionally.

Do you get offended?
AD: I think of Earl as this sweet thing who’s done so much for my life. It hurts me that people don’t know.

Do you have any other favorite animals?
AD: I really like sheep. It started when I went to an auction and witnessed a sheep that was about to be slaughtered. He made this noise like he wanted me to come back. I felt like there was this animal that needed me and I was walking away. I was able to save a mom and her baby, but the other baby I couldn’t get. I was like “Listen to her cry, she wants her mom”. It was sad and you could see the tears coming down her eyes. Doing a rescue isn’t easy, you can’t have high hopes I’ve learned.

What do you see happening in the future and where do you want your career to go?
AD: I see myself being successful, saving animals who are in the worst places and taking them away. I think I want to be a vet and have my own sanctuary for farm animals. It’s the adrenaline and the result of it that makes you feel great.

AD: Well that’s a good question, I don’t know. I see myself in California but I also see myself in third world countries like China. They believe dogs taste better when they are tortured.

What do you do on your days off?
AD: Instead of going to movies with friends, I conduct rescues, volunteer, go to Saving Grace and learn how to run a sanctuary, the physical and what it’s like. I rarely get to interact with the animals.

What is your definition of a Boss Girl?
AD: Someone that’s overpowering, someone who can do anything. It’s not just men. You’re your own boss, saving animals or doing whatever your heart desires.

What makes you stand out? What sets you apart?
AD: I rescue animals at a young age. Kids my age are worried about partying, hanging out with friends, and having a good reputation. I’m worried about the world. How can I save a life? How many can I save in a week?

Who is a Boss Girl that inspires you?
AD: Well that’s hard. There’s this lady named Anita, she’s an animal activist and she’s actually from Canada. She started the pig vigil and was supposed to go to jail. She was giving pigs water and the truck driver didn’t like that she was being compassionate, but the case was closed. She’s awesome, she started it all.

Who is a Boss Girl you would want to spend the day with?
AD: A BG I would want to hang out with would be Ellie, the founder of The Gentle Barn. I would like to be her for one day. To see what it’s like, to be exposed to a lot more. I’ve never been inside a slaughterhouse to take the animal out. Any rescue mission with Ellie, I would love to go to a Dairy Farm next.

Alina Dhalla is a Boss Girl. Here is my story about meeting Alina.

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Boss Babe: Christina Anne Marie Smith

Christina Smith RockabillyChristina Smith Jewel PaitingChristina Smith Body PaintingChristina Smith Applying Makeup

Name: Christina Smith
Age: 25
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Occupation: Glamour Guru
IG: BotanicalBoutiqueApothecary

As soon as I came up with the idea to feature one powerful female per week on the blog, I knew I wanted Christina to be the first one.
When I met her a little over three years ago, she was working in sales and makeup artistry at the most beautiful little golden-age themed cosmetics shop in downtown Burbank.
Now she is in the process of launching her own cosmetics line called Botanical Boutique Apothecary, with her first product being a Rose Hydrating Oil.
Christina has a way with makeup and art like I have never seen before. She can do anything from eyelash extensions to cinematic makeup to body painting and looks absolutely stunning all of the time. Whether she’s rocking her signature winged liner and red lips or playing with a themed look for a day at Disneyland, her passion and talent always shine through. But if you can believe it, she is even more beautiful on the inside. Very soft-spoken and authentic, Christina and I had the chance to talk about her passion and plans for the future.

How did you come up with the name for your beauty line?
CS: I came up with the name from my painting. I’m really inspired by nature and plants. Boutique and Apothecary give the name a vintage feel.

When did you decide you wanted to have your own skin care line?
CS: For a long time I made skincare products since I became an esthetician in 2013. I was inspired by knowing ingredients and what should go on your face. I was also really inspired by my training and time in cinematic makeup school. I started giving it as gifts and people started telling me that I should start my own line. If people are getting it, they are definitely getting a good product made with love.

What has been the most challenging part of starting your own skincare line?
CS: Funds. You definitely need to pull out a loan or build up funds in a different way.

Why did you decided on Rose Oil being your first product?
CS: It’s multi-purpose from head to toe and can eliminate a lot of your skincare routine if you have an extensive one. Also, everything is cruelty free, vegan, and plant based. A lot of it is also organic.

How did you come up with the design for the bottle/product?
CS: Well pink is my favorite color for sure, so I wanted to incorporate it. I was inspired by my business card for the lettering and I wanted it to have a vintage feel like Marie Antoinette and Rococo.

You’re always looking so glam and perfect. What inspires how you dress?
CS: Definitely Dita Von Teese and the beautiful starlets of the past. I just love feeling ultra girly and feminine. I don’t event know how I discovered Dita Von Teese, but she’s just an incredible human.

How did you learn to create so many looks and to perfect them?
CS: Watching tutorials, I used to watch YouTube videos a lot. Also, a lot of the friends I made were from Cinema Makeup School or Besame.

Where do you want your career to go?
CS: I plan to have a full line of skincare with different essential oils that inspire the main line. I want a full line that’s accessible to everybody including men.

Who is a BossGirl that inspires you?
CS: My stepmom is my number one inspiration for being a strong woman. Her name is Molly and I’ve known her for about 17 years now. She’s just an angel.

What is your definition of a BossGirl?
CS: Somebody who doesn’t conform to what girls “should” be who doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Someone that’s excited, passionate, driven. That’s what makes them beautiful.

What is something that makes you stand out? Apart from the amazing looks that you create?
CS: Having passion and drive! I love asking people what they’re passionate about and I’m so surprised how many people either don’t have a passion or don’t know what they’re passionate about.

What do you do on your days off?
CS: Taking naps, I love sleeping. Also spending time with my animals, my dog and cat. Seeing flowers, I love being outside, or painting something.

Who is a BossGirl you want to spend a day with and what the two of you do?
CS: Dita Von Teese! I’ve met her before, but I would love to spend the day with her! I feel like we would go look at antiques, go to a garden or museum, or have tea!

Christina Anne Marie Smith is the ultimate BossGirl, being her most authentic self, living her most incredible life!